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Weekly Message

June 23, 2019

bibleGood Afternoon and welcome to Rivergate Community Church. We invite you to join us in praise and worship of our Lord and Savior.

Summer officially began this week. Our temperatures are much cooler this weekend than last, but we all know that warmer days are coming again. Many people will take vacations in the summer and travel to see family and friends. It is a time to get away from the daily routine and allow our body and mind to relax.

We can have a tendency to take a vacation in our spiritual lives as well – no matter the season. If you are in the place of feeling like you need a break it is critical that you find new ways to grow spiritually. If you have not read a certain book in the Bible – try something new. Ask the Lord to reveal a new truth to you in your reading. We are all trying to extend our time in prayer right now – so see if you can add another 5 minutes a day. Find a person to meet with during the summer to talk about the Lord and what you each are learning. It will help you grow your faith in ways you can't even imagine.

Committed to growing with you,

Pastor Carren

June 16, 2019

Fathers DayGood Afternoon and Welcome to Rivergate Community Church.

Happy Father's Day! For all of us who are here today we will take a moment to honor our earthly dad.

This can be a difficult day as some of us never knew our dad, or we had one who struggled in that role. Others are missing the dad they had and this can be a hard day as well. We also honor all the men who are here – you have been a father figure to many in your life.

No matter what kind of earthly dad we may have had – we all have the most wonderful Heavenly Father! We have a Father who created us, chose us, called us to be His very own. On this day we have much to celebrate and thank our Father for giving to us. We have the precious gift of Jesus – who set us free from the power of sin and death, and has given us forgiveness of sin and the promise of eternal life.

On this day we say – Thank You Heavenly Father! We are blessed beyond measure.

Grateful for our Heavenly Father with you,

Pastor Carren

June 9, 2019

CloudsWelcome to Rivergate Community Church on this beautiful Sunday in June! We are delighted to have you as we come together to worship and praise our Lord.

I hope that as we sit here this afternoon in this beautiful part of the world with sunshine streaming through our windows that we are grateful for the many blessings we have. As we sat and watched the news last night we saw so many families who have lost everything to devastating storms across the country. Some were torn apart by tornadoes as they tore across the countryside. Others have been swept away by record rains and flooding. Still others are facing the beginning of the wildfire season and flames jumping through dry trees and parched land.

Whatever problems you may be facing in your life today, may you know that the Lord is with you. We have seen and read the stories of those who have lost everything but their lives – look up and say: “God is good y’all!” May we remember to look up and to know that Jesus words are true: “I am with you all of the days.”

Looking up with you,

Pastor Carren

June 2, 2019

lastGood Afternoon and Welcome to Rivergate Community Church.

This is the first Sunday of June, and we will be celebrating the Lord's Supper during the service. We invite you to take some time before the service to quiet your heart and mind and ask the Lord to speak to your heart. Take time to confess any sins and ask for forgiveness. No matter how long we have been a Christian it is vital for us to be aware of our sin nature and to ask the Lord to show us what we need to let go of in our lives.

As you hold the symbols of Jesus' body and blood may you reflect on all that He has given for you. May we never lose sight of that precious gift from Jesus.

Grateful for forgiveness with you,

Pastor Carren

May 26, 2019

LentGood Afternoon and welcome to Rivergate Community Church. May we all come together in worship and praise of the Lord Jesus Christ!

This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day – a time to remember all those who have given so much for our country. We went to the cemetery this week to place flowers on the graves of our loved ones, and we looked around at all the flags standing above those who had served. It was an inspiring scene to think of their lives and how we owe them so much.

As a Christian we have a different symbol – the cross – that reminds us of the sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us. He paid for us with his precious blood and set us free from the power of sin and death. As we remember and honor those in the military who gave, may we always remember Jesus who gave up everything for us.

Remembering with you,

Pastor Carren

May 19, 2019

Jesus foot printGood Afternoon and Welcome to Rivergate Community Church.

Just a week ago we were having an early heat wave in our area and having to keep plants watered. Yesterday we had quite a storm blow through with lots of wind and rain. It is quite a contrast to last week with all the windows open and fans spinning trying to keep everyone cool. For those of us who are native Oregonians we know that we get a sneak peek at summer some years, like what we had the past couple of weeks, but the rains and gray skies are with us awhile longer.

Our spiritual lives can be the same way. We are sloshing through the storms of life that beat against us, and then the clouds part and we see a glimpse of blue sky. Just for that moment we know that this will not last. There are better days to come. No matter what is happening in your life this afternoon we take courage in knowing that Jesus promises to be with us all of our days – the good days, the hard ones, the scary ones and every other kind of day.

Let us face each day knowing that we are never alone – Jesus is with us all of our days.

Grateful for that promise with you,

Pastor Carren

May 12, 2019

Pink RosesHappy Mother's Day and welcome to Rivergate Community Church! We are delighted to have you join us as we come together to worship the Lord.

On this day we stop to celebrate Moms. This can be a difficult day for some who are missing their mom, or maybe they had a tough family situation. We will take a few moments today to honor our mom by saying her first name. We know that Scripture tells us to honor our father and mother, and that it has a promise for us – so it will go well with you. May today be a time of healing for each heart today.

I am so grateful that I had a mom who loved me and nurtured me, but her greatest gift was her love for the Lord. She showed that to me in so many ways throughout her life. Even on the toughest days she faced with her health issues. Her faith has strengthened mine and inspires me every day.

May our faith inspire others.

Thankful for Mom with you,

Pastor Carren

MAY 12, 2019


MAY 5, 2019


April 28, 2019


April 21, 2019

risenHe Is Risen! He Is Risen Indeed!

I remember these declarations from my childhood when we were in church each year. It was the best day of the whole year. This was the day to celebrate what God has done. Jesus is no longer in the tomb. He has risen! That is what gives us hope as followers of Christ. We no longer are trapped by the power of sin and death. Jesus' death on the cross set us free, and the power of the resurrection lives in each one of us here this afternoon.

As a Christian this is the day that we take the time to celebrate that the tomb is empty. Jesus has triumphed over the power of Satan and sin and death. May your hearts be encouraged and filled with the power of the resurrection all year long.

We have a story to tell all those we meet. Jesus has risen from the dead!

Celebrating the resurrection with you,

Pastor Carren

April 14, 2019

palms“Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Blessed is the kingdom of our father David that is coming! Hosanna in the highest!” Those words were shouted as Jesus came riding into Jerusalem over 2,000 years ago. It was the culmination of his earthly ministry. As Jesus came closer to the city the people took their coats and spread them across the road and they waved leafy palm branches which they had cut from the fields.

It was quite a scene of honor and triumph fr Jesus. I wonder what it would have felt and sounded like that day. The crowds were pushing in to get a closer look at Jesus who they had heard about. They had heard of his teaching and the wondrous miracles, and now they honored him with shouts of honor and praise. What would you have been doing had you been in Jerusalem that day?

Today is Palm Sunday, which we set aside to remember that day and it marks the beginning of Holy Week. On this day we celebrate that Jesus is our Lord. It is a time to reflect back over the last week of his life on earth and to prepare ourselves for Good Friday and then Easter service next Sunday.

May we each lift our voices in joy and praise of our Lord Jesus Christ this afternoon in our worship service.

Shouting Hosanna with you,

Pastor Carren

April 7, 2019

daisiesWelcome to Rivergate Community Church on this first Sunday of April. We are delighted to have you join us as we worship the Lord.

April showers bring May flowers is a famous saying, and our weather the last couple of days has brought plenty of showers. The saying reminds us that we need rain for the flowers to grow. Water brings life to everything. The glorious colors of this time of year are such a gift. New life is sprouting all around us.

In our spiritual life is the Living Water of Jesus that brings new life to each of us. We need to feed our spirit just as do our body. Make sure that you are giving yourself spiritual food from daily time with the Lord and reading of His Word as well as fellowship with other Christians.

May we spend time each day feeding our spirit.

Thankful for the Living Water with you,

Pastor Carren

March 31, 2019

CrocsGood Afternoon and welcome to Rivergate Community Church. We are delighted to have you join us for worship.

I was watching one of the squirrels that frequent our yard today, and you could almost see the joy on its face as it ran back and forth and up the tree. Spring is here and there is so much for it to explore. It jumped up on the garden box and then over to the tree, and then back across the yard and under the fence with its tail bouncing in the air. I heard the birds early this morning starting their day singing.

As I thought about all of God's creatures I wondered how do I start my day? Do I start off by singing and praising God for another day? Do I thank Him for all the colors, smells and beauty all around me? Is there joy in my heart as I begin each day? If not, why not? May all of us reflect on how we start each new day given to us by the Lord.

May we begin each day in praise and adoration of you Lord.

Starting each day with praise with you,

Pastor Carren

March 24, 2019

changeWelcome to Rivergate Community Church on this first Sunday of Spring.

What a wonderful week of weather we had to close out Winter and usher in the first days of Spring. We see trees with colorful blossoms bursting out all over town. Daffodils and tulips are adding color as well. The trees, roses and all our shrubs also have buds, blossoms and new growth. The grass is growing, birds are singing and it is a reminder that new life has returned after a long winter season.

We are in the season of Lent in our church calendar. It is a wonderful time to reflect on our spiritual life and see what needs pruning and where we can find new life sprouting. We will celebrate Easter a month from today, so I want to encourage each of you to take extra time this week to ask the Lord what areas of your life need to change and grow? What resources are available to you to help in that process – books, workshops, prayer and Bible study? I will be meeting with each of you over the next month to help you finalize your plan.

Thankful for this season of reflection with you,

Pastor Carren

March 17, 2019

PrayGood Afternoon and welcome to Rivergate Community Church. May we all come together in worship and praise of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Today is St. Patrick's Day and depending on your background it may mean wearing green, or shamrocks, eating corned beef and celebrating Irish heritage. For us as Christians we can choose to focus on the life of a man who went to Ireland and told them the Good News of Jesus and converted thousands to Christianity. We should remember that we stand on the shoulders of so many who have given their lives to helping spread the Good News around the world.

We all will leave a legacy behind when we die, and it should be something we think about from time to time. What am I teaching others? What do I say to those around me? How do my actions reflect the Kingdom of God? Our words and actions will live on after we are gone, and what will they say about our life?

Telling others the Good News with you,

Pastor Carren

March 10, 2019

sunshineWelcome to Rivergate Community Church. We are delighted to have you join us for worship.

What a glorious day we have as we gather together this afternoon! Friday night the hills around town were covered in snow and today it feels like a Spring day. These kind of days lift our spirits and remind us that the dark and gray days will be giving way to more sunshine and new growth is starting to poke out all over our trees and shrubs. Our Spring flowers – crocus, daffodils and primroses are all blooming and adding bright color to our yard.

How are you doing in your spiritual life? Do you feel energized and ready to go out and show the world the beauty of following Jesus? Are you tired and run down and lacking energy and drive? How we feel spiritually depends on all the work on the inside we need to be doing to continue to grow in our faith. We put our roots down deep into God's Word and what we find is that after a period of rest that we see new life sprouting again...just like the flowers. We still have awhile until it is Spring – let us take that opportunity to dive down into the Lord and The Word to get the energy we will need for the days to come.

Diving deeper into God's Word with you,

Pastor Carren

March 3, 2019

crossWelcome to Rivergate Community Church on this first Sunday of March.

As this is the first Sunday of the month we will be celebrating Communion during the worship service. We invite you to take some time to reflect back on this past month and confess any sins and to thank the Lord for answers to prayer.

No matter how many years we have been a Christian we need to make sure that our faith is fresh. We need to be able to tell others the Good News of Jesus Christ, and what a difference He has made in our lives. May our lives always reflect the light of Jesus to all that we meet.

Thankful for Jesus' sacrifice with you,

Pastor Carren

February 24, 2019

flowersWelcome to Rivergate Community Church as we join together in worship and praise of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

As we gather together it is under another threat of snow for the Portland area for later tonight into tomorrow. Our winter had been really mild until the month of February, and then it seems like we have been quite wet and cold. I am always so grateful to the Lord that in the midst of a run or really gray day we will get some bright blue sky and sunshine. It happens just when we need that lift and encouragement that the winter weather will not last forever.

It can be the same in our spiritual lives. We feel like we go from one storm of some sort to another.

Just when we get through a crisis of health or finances it may feel like the flood waters are still coming. I have found at those moments when I am overwhelmed and frightened I cry out to the Lord, and something will happen – an unexpected phone call from a friend, some long forgotten money will be found, or the sunshine will break forth and I can enjoy the beauty and warmth outside. The Lord knows just what we need, and we can count on Him to carry us through any storm that may come in life.

Trusting God in all the storms with you,

Pastor Carren

February 17, 2019

No Worship Service – Attended Black History Month Concert at the Old Church.

February 10, 2019

No Church Due to Snowy Weather.

February 3, 2019

Snowy berriesGood Afternoon and welcome to Rivergate Community Church. It is a great day to come and worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

The weather forecasters are very busy today trying to determine if the conditions are right for us to get snow. We live in a part of the country that makes it very difficult to predict snow as we have to have just the right combination of cold air and precipitation. It is difficult now knowing for sure what to expect...

Things happen in an instant in our lives – we go from warm and sunny skies to the threat of snow in just a few hours. It is a good reminder that there are few things in this life that we can count on to happen just as they say. But the good news for us is that there is one thing we can always count on to happen just like He said – God's Promises! All that God has said and promised to us we can know will happen just as he has said, and that brings great comfort to my heart all of my days – whether they be snowy or sunny!

Trusting God's Promises with you,

Pastor Carren

January 27, 2019

prayWelcome to Rivergate Community Church. We are delighted to have you join us for worship.

Today the fog is very thick, and depending on where you live it may not lift all day long. Sandy and I were out briefly yesterday and the sun came out and immediately people's spirits lifted. You could see and feel the difference that the sunshine had on people's attitudes. We all know that the sun is shining up above the clouds, but when you are down in the stuff that is as thick as pea soup it can feel pretty depressing.

Our spiritual lives are no different when it come to the need for the sun. We can be trudging through our lives and it seems it is one gray day after another, and we can't really see very clearly where we are going. Then one day the sun comes out and we can see everything around us and the warmth of the sun feels wonderful. Jesus is with us no matter what the weather or day may bring, and the closer we walk with Him the stronger and more helpful we will feel. Move closer to Jesus this week and you will notice the difference.

Moving closer to Jesus with you,

Pastor Carren

January 20, 2019

PrayGood Afternoon and welcome to Rivergate Community Church. It is a great day to come and praise the Lord!

This is one of the great days in the life of the church that you look forward to as a Pastor. We are having 2 baptisms in the service, which is always a cause for great celebration. Our good friend, Dorothy, is here to bless us in worship of our great God! We are having our Annual Meeting after the worship service, where we will thank God for all He has done, and seek His face for direction for 2019.

I ask you to take some time before the service to quiet your heart and mind and to seek the Lord. Let go of all the things that happened during the week, and all that will come in the week ahead, and enter into this holy moment and sacred time together with the Lord!

Seeking the Lord with you,

Pastor Carren

January 13, 2019

Jesus Foot PrintGood Afternoon and welcome to Rivergate Community Church. What a glorious day we have to come together in worship and praise of our Lord.

We had a couple of pretty strong wind storms the last couple of weeks blow through our area. Part of our fence went down with one of the big gusts that hit our house. When Sandy and I went out to pick it up the fence section was so heavy, and yet it went right over because of the force of the wind. It was a great reminder that God's power in nature is far greater than we can truly understand.

In our spiritual lives we get hit by lots of storms as well. They can be a sudden illness, loss of job, or some other situation that turns your world upside down. It is at those moments that we have to know that we can trust Jesus to help us through whatever storm may come. Whatever situation you are facing today take a few moments and give that to Jesus – ask Him to give you strength and wisdom for the days to come, and may He give you hope that He is with you in whatever storm is beating against you.

Looking to Jesus with you,

Pastor Carren

January 6, 2019

Happy New YearWelcome to Rivergate Community Church on this first Sunday of the New Year – 2019!

At the beginning of the Advent Season we invited you to make sure that you made room for Jesus in all your busyness and events that would happened. I pray that you were able to find time each day to be quiet and reflect on the most amazing gift ever given – Jesus! Today we are going to celebrate the Lord's Table, and I invite you to take a moment before the service and thank Him for the many blessings you have received and to confess any sins that are on your heart this afternoon. God sent Jesus as our Savior – to set us free from the power of sin and death. May our hearts overflow with gratitude for that most precious gift.

This new year is full of promise and potential. Each new day is like a blank sheet of paper waiting to be filled. Let us recommit ourselves to Jesus and serving His Kingdom.

Excited about a New Year with you,

Pastor Carren