Rivergate Community Church

4737 N. Lombard Street
Portland, OR 97203-4533

Sunday Service
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM



Online via Zoom

• Sundays at 4:00 PM
Worship Service

• Mondays at 5:00 PM
Men's Bible Study

• Tuesdays at 5:00 PM
Women's Bible Study

Feeding the Hungry - Volunteer


Bible Study

bible_study2 We are committed to the study of God's Word as a church family. Each week there is an opportunity for adults and children to learn more about the Bible and how to apply it to our daily lives.

Our focus is to not just learning facts about the Bible, but to understand and live out our faith each week. We believe that our lives should look different as Christians, and that we are committed to helping each other grow and develop.

We study God's Word with all age of the church family. We are committed to taking the Word and applying it to our daily lives whether we find ourselves in school, at work our out in the community.

Women's Ministries

abcwomen The women of the church have a weekly Bible study. The “Tuesday Girls” meet for lunch and fellowship and study of God's Word each week at the church. This group includes all ages of women and provides support and prayer for one another as well as the greater church family. The women also attend American Baptist Women activities in the American Baptist of Oregon region including the annual retreat.

Men's Group

abc men The men of the church meet during the year for work projects. Their time together includes breakfast and a time of prayer for personal as well as church family needs. The men also attend American Baptist Men activities in the American Baptist of Oregon region including the annual retreat.

Children's Ministries

arrahwanna We have been blessed with some wonderful children in our church family. It is our hope and desire that they will grow up with hearts tender to the things of the Lord, and knowing how much their Heavenly Father loves them. One of our commitments is to provide each child the opportunity to attend camp each year at Camp Arrah Wanna, which is the American Baptist camp in Welches, Oregon, on the slopes of Mt. Hood. As a small church we also look for other partnerships and opportunities that will enrich our children's lives and help them grow and develop.

We have a monthly Children's Activity for the children from the church as well as those in the community. Each month has a different focus. This has included crafts, food and outings to events in the Portland area.

Community Garden

community_garden This is our 9th year operating a Community Garden. It has been a great delight to have a mixture of church families, Habitat for Humanity families and individuals from the community share this space. They have collaborated on crops, cultivating and fertilizing, as well as keeping everything watered. We hope to expand the space next year and allow even more people to share in this ministry.

Habitat For Humanity – Rivergate Commons

habitat This project has been the driving force behind the renewal at Rivergate Community Church. Out of our desire to make our building handicapped accessible, we decided to sell part of our property to raise the funds to pay for the project. We decided to sell to Habitat for Humanity and now there are 12 families living at what is now called Rivergate Commons. It has been a wonderful project for our little church to be able to provide affordable housing on part of our property that we had owned for over 50 years. We believe that the founders of the church would be thrilled with how their desire to reach the local community is now happening through this project.

With our building now accessible for all we also are able to host many community groups. We have those who use it for different events. Habitat for Humanity has been able to hold outreach events in the building, and we have hosted and served meals for several of their celebrations.